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Teeth Cleaning Dental Chews for Your Dog

Having something safe to chew can fulfill multiple requirements for your dog, such as

  • Provides enjoyment;
  • Exercises teeth gums and jaw;
  • Satisfies a dog’s natural need to chew;
  • Provides an outlet to expend energy;
  • Helps prevent boredom;
  • And for puppies, helps sooth itchy gums during teething;
  • Helps remove plaque;

There are many different types of chews that you can select from. At Kilkenny Grain and Fodder we sell a range of dental chews that are a lean source of good protein for your dog. A truly good dental chew product consists of ingredients that are nutritional, fully digestible, and derived from 100% natural nutritive sources. We have a wide variety of rawhide, clod bones, kangaroo tendons, pig ears, chicken jerky, etc to choose from. These are all excellent for exercising your dog’s teeth and gums while scraping off plaque for good dental health.