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General Bird Care

Here’s some general bird care advice for first-time companion bird caretakers.
Always buy the largest, most well-constructed cage you can afford. No matter the species, your bird will need a cage that’s large enough for her to stretch her wings and fly short distances. Note that canaries and finches prefer a cage that’s wider than it is taller, while parakeets and cockatiels like tall cages with horizontal bars they can climb. And don’t forget perches! You’ll need to install several, at varying heights—and do make sure that one is level with the food dishes.
Place the cage in a warm, bright part of the house, close to where the action is but away from all drafts and direct sunlight, and off the floor. Avoid setting up the cage in or near the kitchen as birds are extremely sensitive to fumes.
Seed mixes provide variety. It is best to choose a seed specifically for your species. At Kilkenny Grain and Fodder we have bird seed for small and large parrots, canaries, budgies, finches and pigeons. Be sure to offer fresh veggies and fruits to your bird every day. Fresh, cold water should be available at all times. Change the water at least once a day.
Exercise and Toys
If you want to give trained birds time outside of their cage be sure to always secure the room first by shutting all windows and doors, and cover any windows or mirrors so your bird cannot accidentally fly into them.
Small birds may enjoy ladders, swings and mirrors with bells, and wooden chew toys are great for keeping beaks trimmed.
General Care
A thorough cleaning of your pet’s cage is required once weekly. Remove and wash the cage tray and perches, and wash the area around the cage. Make sure all toys are clean and damage-free, without loose or broken parts that could hurt your pet. You can help keep your pet’s plumage looking beautiful with a bath. Simply put a shallow dish at the bottom of the cage for your bird to enjoy a wash.